Hello, Stranger!

You’re about to read a lot of cool and amazing stuff! But before you do that, I’d like to introduce myself in a few sentences, and tell you what to expect from this blog.

I’m an 18 year old girl from a very small European country called Hungary. I just turned 18, and it is amazing. As a senior in high school, i have a lot on my mind now. People tell me (people on the internet mostly) that these few years I’ve spent in high school were the easiest ones of my life. Well, maybe. But it wasn’t easy at all. Try being a straight A student and be good at everything else at home while staying a ┬ánormal kid, not a loser dork in school. I didn’t succeed at everything. My mom keeps telling me how I should do more stuff around the house, like cook more and stuff like that. But I just don’t have time. I have to concentrate on so much stuff. But, what I did manage to do, is stay sane in this craziness, and not to be a loser in school. Ok, I’m not the coolest kid in the class, but I never wanted to be. I like the way I get to be in the middle: not the losers, but not the A-listers, the “cool” ones. Being in the middle is good. People accepted that even though I study hard and get good grades, I’m still a good person. It wasn’t easy to achieve this, but I did. And people realized, if they are my friends, I might be able to help them.

But there’s more to me than just this. I’m a dancer. I’ve been dancing with the same group for 14 years now. I’m not the best, only average I think, but there are a lot of really talented girls in the group, so we’re good. We win competitions, like the World Championship last year.

Me as a dancer

In my free time, when I have some, I read, watch movies, and sometimes I write. I write my diary mostly, a part of which from now on, I’ll be posting here, but I also write short stories. I even started fan-fictions but I never finished them. That’s the problem with me sometimes: I have a really good idea, I start working on it, but after a while, I get bored of it and start doing something new. I hope it won’t be like this with this blog. That’s it about me, if you wanna know more, start reading the blog.

I’ll write about a lot of things. First, I’d love to introduce my country to you, to people all around the world because I think it’s worth knowing about. But I also want to write about myself, my life, and the problems I, and a lot of other young people need to face. I might be giving you a new perspective, new ideas – or you’ll give new ideas to me, on how to solve my problems. So if you’re interested in any of this, start reading! ­čÖé


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