My First Post Ever


So it is past 6 pm on a beautiful Tuesday, and here I am writing my very first blog post. I guess the 6 pm I just mentioned makes everyone wonder: Where the hell am I? Certainly not in the USA. 🙂 And if you look it up, you’ll see I must be somewhere in Europe. And for now, that’s enough. Stay tuned, and you’ll know more. Trust me it’s worth it..

I created this blog in a second, just out of the blue, I’ve never thought about it before. So I don’t even know what I’ll write here actually. What I think, is that I’ll show you a bit of me, my life, my country, which is interesting if you like to know more about the world, and I’m thinking about trying other things too. I like to write, when I have the time, so I might be posting stories that I wrote. And the other thing I like, or more like love is dancing. I’m  not the best, but my group is excellent, so I’ll be posting videos of us and our best performances.

So this is what I wanted to say for the first time, and if you’re interested, check later because I’ll be coming back with more stuff and information, and I’ll introduce myself properly. 🙂


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