Me, Myself And I

Second post today, and I’m about to tell you a few things about myself, to get started. I’ve already updated my contact info, so feel free to do anything with it 😉

I’m 18. I turned almost 2 months ago, and I love it! Here, in my country this is the age when you finally get to do every good thing legally: you can get into clubs, buy alcohol, smoke (that one thing I don’t do, I’m sorry, I need my lungs), so basically, you’re free, not a minor anymore, and it feels awesome. It comes with responsibilities too, though. But I can deal with those, in exchange that I don’t have to worry about getting into the hottest clubs in the city. The city, which is… I’m sure you have some ideas by now, but I’ll tell you.

You obviously noticed that English is not my native language, I’m still learning it, and I’m doing my best, I think I’m doing quite well. My native language is Hungarian. Yes, I live in Hungary. Haha, you’ve never heard of it, have you? 🙂 It used to be a big country, but now it’s a small one in Middle Europe, next to Austria, Croatia and a lot of other countries. Here, I’ll show you:

hungaryThe pink one in the middle is Hungary. But there are a lot of countries in Europe, right? My fellow Europeans, we know them. Others, in the US, don’t worry if you don’t, or if you’ve never heard about most of them before. I don’t know all the states in you country, either. Africans, Asians, Australians, etc., I don’t want you to be left out. I suppose you know a few things about Europe 🙂 I only mentioned you, Americans first, because there are these stereotypes that you know nothing about Europe, or the world. I just don’t believe that it’s true to everybody. That depends on the person. But I want to get back on my topic.

So I live here, in Hungary, in a town called Budaors, next to the capital, Budapest. Even though I don’t actually live in the capital, my school, my friends are there, and so are the parties and my trainings, so I spend a lot of time there. Most of it. And speaking about training…

I’m a dancer, as I’ve told you before. I’ve been dancing in the same group for 14 years now, it’s called ADOL. We go to competitions, championships all the time, and I think we’re kinda good. We must be, because we won the European and the World Championship, so it’s something. I’d tell you what it is exactly that we do, but it’s hard to explain, so I’ll just show you. Click here to see a video of us winning the World Championship (sorry, the title and other stuff are in Hungarian).

Besides all of this, I’m a senior student in one of the best high schools of Budapest, and I have these important exams coming in May, I’ll be telling you about them. I study really hard, but I always have time for a little rest.

I love movies, series, and music. That, as a dancer, I have to.

This is me in a few sentences, but I think you can’t get to know a person like this, but through my stories and other posts, you’ll be able to. So keep coming back if you’re interested in some fun.



My First Post Ever


So it is past 6 pm on a beautiful Tuesday, and here I am writing my very first blog post. I guess the 6 pm I just mentioned makes everyone wonder: Where the hell am I? Certainly not in the USA. 🙂 And if you look it up, you’ll see I must be somewhere in Europe. And for now, that’s enough. Stay tuned, and you’ll know more. Trust me it’s worth it..

I created this blog in a second, just out of the blue, I’ve never thought about it before. So I don’t even know what I’ll write here actually. What I think, is that I’ll show you a bit of me, my life, my country, which is interesting if you like to know more about the world, and I’m thinking about trying other things too. I like to write, when I have the time, so I might be posting stories that I wrote. And the other thing I like, or more like love is dancing. I’m  not the best, but my group is excellent, so I’ll be posting videos of us and our best performances.

So this is what I wanted to say for the first time, and if you’re interested, check later because I’ll be coming back with more stuff and information, and I’ll introduce myself properly. 🙂